Designed For Business

Transform Your Business Life

Close the gap between where you are today and where God wants you to be.

Designed For Business teaches you how to grow as a disciple while growing your business.

God has created us as his workmanship to do good things, and our business life is no exception. Designed For Business is all about learning and practicing the skills that will help you grow as a disciple, and as a disciple maker, through your business. You will master these skills by using specific Shapes to make them memorable, repeatable, and transferrable. And you will immediately discuss, process, and practice what you learn with others who are going through the program with you.

Do you want to improve your business?

  • Get the tools to drive your business to the next level
  • Develop people for maximum delivery of results
  • Know how and who to mentor in your organization.

Do you want to improve your personal life?

  • Reclaim the calling God has on your business life
  • Solve your work/life balance
  • Hear God more clearly and know how to respond.

The Shapes

The Triangle

Evaluate and understand the health of your business in terms of vision, team and mission. Develop a Biblical model for your business to unlock better ways to develop your people and deliver you product or service.

The Matrix

Calibrate the levels of Invitation and Challenge in your organization and utilize the power of Development and Delivery to make your business more successful. Analyze your company’s culture and learn how to change it.

The Circle

Recognize the kairos moments around you and learn how they can create opportunities for growth and change. Master the use of the Learning Circle for focus, reorientation and problem solving.

The Semi-Circle

Achieve your work/life balance by calibrating your Rhythm of Life. Achieve dynamic fruitful living while you balance rest and work. Experience how the pattern of Abiding and Pruning will revolutionize how you grow personally and in business.

The Square

Learn when and how to apply different leadership styles to effectively manage and shepherd the various people you are leading. Use the Person of Peace strategy to recruit, hire, mentor, and partner with the people in your professional and personal life.

The Five Capitals

Assess the Five Capitals of financial, physical, relational, intellectual and spiritual in your life and determine where you need to raise, re-appropriate and spend your capital to maximize your return on investment.

The Hexagon

Use Jesus’ prayer as a model for how you pray for your business. Learn how to use prayer as both a way to engage in the currency of spiritual capital and as a way to know what God is saying and what He wants you to do about it.

Using the Triangle, I was able to get my executive team focused on the same critical tasks, resulting in over 30% revenue growth monthly in 3 months


CEO, Healthcare Company

How It Works

A complete process to prepare you to lead.

Manageable 6-week Segments

You will learn and apply practical skills in manageable 6-week process spending 1-3 hours each week.

Learn and grow through
Asynchronous Discipleship

Learn anywhere and anytime, you are not restricted by time or space using our virtual learning environment.

Small Groups & Coaching

You will be part of a Huddle (small group) to interact and share best practices. You will also have your own personal coach to help you apply your new skills.

Pricing & Membership

Two plans to help you reach your goals.

Designed For Business

For those that want to master their skills


  • Free access to Designed For Business and any other Missional Institute process
  • Free access to the Missional Institute Library (Daily Devotion, Hero’s Journey, Personal Development resources and videos)
  • 15% off all books and materials

Leadership Level

For those that want to lead their own huddles


  • Free access to Designed For Business and any other Missional Institute process
  • Free access to the Missional Institute Library (Daily Devotion, Hero’s Journey, Personal Development resources and videos)
  • 15% off all books and materials
  • Personal Huddle coach
  • Leadership and Personal Development Seminar each quarter
  • Membership in the “Kings Table” special huddle
  • Lead unlimited number of huddles
  • 1 Scholarship for every 7 paying members of your Huddle

What You Learn

We have worked to make each week of study packed with content, yet manageable, and to help you apply what you’re learning as you go. This is vital because the goal of this process is not to just transmit knowledge, but to give you a dashboard of tools that you can use in your day-to-day life as a learner and a business leader.


This includes videos and readings on the key topics for the week. You engage with the videos and the recommended reading at your desk or on the go. The purpose is to help you understand both the HOW and the WHY of each idea.


This includes the opportunity to interact with other business leaders in your Huddle (small group) using our Asynchronous Discipleship platform. You are able to participate and communicate on your schedule, anywhere in the world. This discussion is a key part of understanding what God is saying to you through the content.


This is a checkpoint to make sure you understand the key ideas in the content for the week. It comes in the form of a written reflection and case studies


This is a tangible step you can take to put what you’ve learned into practice.

Also Get Full Access to the Missional Institute Library

Do you want someone to walk with you and guide you through the Bible in new and interesting ways?

While you are enrolled in Designed For Business you have free access to the entire Missional Institute Library, which include which includes resource material like The Daily Devotionals. These are daily 15-minute audio reflections that take you through the Bible, applying insights to everyday life. To help you reflect on what God is saying to you each day, and challenge you to do something about it.

Process Schedule

Your Instructor

Stephen Wells

Business Leader and co-Founder of the Missional Institute

Steve Wells has been an entrepreneur for 38 years, building companies in the marketing, entertainment, travel, healthcare and education sectors. He co-founded Embanet Knowledge Group, which was a pioneer in on-line education in higher education. His passion is to help Christians fulfill their true calling in business and ministry. Steve lives with his wife of 39 years in Winter Park, FL, Vero Beach, FL and Atlanta, GA.

Your Instructor

Michael J. Breen

Discipleship leader and co-founder of Missional Institute

Mike is a speaker, author, minister and entrepreneur, and one of the leading innovators in the discipling movement throughout Europe and the US for more than 25 years. In addition to his calling as a church planter and pastor, Mike has also authored over 20 books. His passion is to continue to invest in the next generation of leaders. Mike and his wife Sally recently moved to Dayton, Ohio where Mike serves as the Preaching Team Lead at Apex Community Church.

What our students are saying

Using the Triangle, I was able to get my executive team focused on the same critical tasks, resulting in over 30% revenue growth monthly in 3 months.


CEO, of a Healthcare Company

The Circle was an eye opener. I didn’t think it would be so dramatic in how I heard God in my daily business affairs.


Owner, Construction Company

Using the Matrix as a management tool, showed me how to help move our team members to a culture of high invitation and high challenge.


Financial Advisor

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