Family On Mission – Teacher Training Group 1

MI Team · September 30, 2020

Welcome to the Teacher Training Program for FOM 101. We are excited that you are here. Let us tell you a little about what you can expect. 

Unlike when you take a regular Missional Institute Learning Experience we want you to think about the content a little differently. While going through this training we want you to think about each module and how you will teach and disciple others using it. Think about how you will find huddle members and market into your networks. 

Each week you will have the opportunity to ask questions about application, multiplication and training. We would encourage you to think about what questions you have about this platform and Async huddles. Please ask these questions in the Respond section. 

In the Personal Kairos section we would still like you to share anything that has been revealed to you through the content that you want to share with the rest of your group. We would encourage you to fully engage and encourage others in your group, as there will be a lot of knowledge that can we passed on between members. 

Here are some additional Modules that will be in this training program:

  • How to facilitate Asynchronously and why it’s different to Live huddles.
  • How to keep up group engagement on the site. What features and tools you can utilize.
  • The Benefit of Co-facilitators 
  • How to market effectively into your networks.
  • Ideas of how you can use the platform in other areas. 

Welcome! We hope you have a great day here at the Missional Institute.

For any questions please contact your course teacher or email [email protected]

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